Self-Loading Hydraulic Trailers

Self-Loading Hydraulic Trailers

Towed or self-propelled trailers featuring expanding frames and vertical or tilt lift and loading capacity.

Kropf offers a full line of towable or self-propelled hydraulic trailers. With capacities up to 100 tons, these trailers feature an open frame design that allows you to straddle material to be lifted, and easily place blocking or lifting beams. Other features include the ability to hydraulically expand the width of the trailer, and hydraulic frame lift, which allows the unit to pick a load up and set it down without the use of other equipment. On the self-propelled models, 180 degree front steering allows for maximum maneuverability, while joystick control and a sit-down operator’s station with pivoting seat maximizes operator comfort and visibility while moving in any direction. We can engineer a lifting attachment system for your specific application, including pads, arms, crossbeams, or some other method depending on your requirements.


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