Barges and Scows

Barges and Scows

Our experience in floating structures makes us natural leaders in manufacturing barges and workboats. Whether using steel or aluminum material, we supply durable and thoughtfully designed vessels at competitive pricing.

Our 3D modeling software coupled with our hull design programs make individual designs possible at production prices. We are able to design and build unique concepts as required such as expandable and/or sectional barges. We can also design and fabricate boom cranes or gantry cranes that can be mounted on the barges to meet your specific needs.

Hydraulic Spuds

Kropf Marine's unique rack and pinion hydraulic spud design and durable hydraulic ramp system are well-engineered options available with any design. We can design and supply a stand-alone gas or diesel-powered hydraulic power pack to run the spuds and/or ramp if required or mount a hydraulic pump to your existing power plant. We manufacture our own racks, pinions, and durable gear-boxes for the spud systems which give the ability to power up, power down, and free fall the spuds. The spuds can be manufactured to the length required and are made from a high-strength, low alloy square tube with the rack gear welded full length for exceptional rigidity. We have also designed a rotating option which enables the spuds to be swung horizontally when raised if there are overhead clearance issues in your area.