Floating Boathouse Platforms

Floating Boathouse Platforms

Kropf’s steel pipe floating dock systems are the ideal foundation for a floating boathouse or boat port project.

The unmatched stiffness and rigidity of a steel pipe floating system provides a superb foundation for the building, without the risk of the construction flexing or cracking over time.

Kropf can work alongside you and your building design and construction team, providing you with a properly design floatation platform that is finished up to deck level, including a grade beam or base plates for the above-deck structure as required. We are also CWB certified in structural steel fabrication, so if you need a steel frame for your building, we can assist with that as well.

Epoxy coating and sacrificial anodes ensure that the floating platform will provide an extended service life, including in conditions subject to significant static ice pressure. Ballast tanks allow for the platform to be levelled after construction is completed.

If you are not wanting or able to build a permanent structure, we can provide an aluminum-frame structure with removable vinyl cover that can protect your boats from the elements and further simplify your enjoyment of the water.