Floating Breakwaters

Floating Breakwaters

Kropf breakwaters are designed utilizing the same robust steel pipe floatation that makes our docks so reliable and stable.

Fixed breakwater options can present numerous challenges, including cost, environmental concerns, and a lack of flexibility. Given these challenges, a floating breakwater system from Kropf Marine can provide the basin protection you need, while staying within your budget and even serving as a revenue-generating asset.

Floating Breakwaters

Along with our commercial floating dock systems, Kropf Marine also manufactures floating breakwater / wave attenuator structures for marina and harbour protection. In many locations a floating attenuator represents a cost-effective alternative to a permanent breakwater, and it is typically easier to obtain permits for a floating structure.

These rugged steel floating structures are specifically designed for the distinct requirements and criteria of each site. A variety of designs are available, depending on the site exposure and level of protection required.

Kropf can handle the entire process, from the design and fabrication of the system to delivery and installation.


Our general design concept features large diameter spiral welded steel tubes as the floatation and main structural element of each section. A welded baffle structure is suspended below the float tubes to dissipate and reflect the wave energy, thus sheltering the boats and facilities in the lee of the wave attenuator.

All steel surfaces are sandblasted and spray-coated with our advanced Devoe "Bar-Rust" epoxy application process for longevity.

Sections are joined together with a high-strength semi-flexible connection system that has been developed through years of experience working in harsh environments.

These breakwater structures are typically moored in place with heavy duty galvanized anchor chain secured to massive concrete weights set on the lakebed. At high-energy locations, our exclusive shock-absorbing canisters are utilized in combination with the concrete anchors and chain.

Our floating wave attenuators can also be supplied complete with a wood deck and fascia boards to allow the structure to be used as a combination breakwater and floating dock. Where possible, stabilizer finger docks with rigid attachment frames are added to the lee side of the structure, offering additional boats slips while improving the performance of the attenuator.