Aluminum Gangways

Aluminum Gangways

Kropf Industrial supplies and installs aluminum gangways to provide safe and secure access to floating dock systems.

Like our floating docks, these aluminum gangways are built to order, and can be configured to meet a range of requirements. Each ramp is fully engineered for safety and durability, and a range of mounting and transition options are available to meet the unique demands of each site.

Kropf Marine can also design ramps to meet barrier-free accessibility requirements. Details vary by jurisdiction, but since each ramp is built to order, customizing to meet your unique compliance requirements is easily accomplished.

Aluminum Gangways and Security Gates


Kropf Marine manufactures and installs quality aluminum gangways, bridges, and ramps as access to floating dock systems or other structures. These gangways are typically supplied with a wood or aluminum deck surface, and are available with or without handrails.

When used as access to a floating dock system, these boat dock gangways are designed with nylon rollers which rest on the dock, allowing for limited independent movement between the ramp and the floating dock.

For locations where the marine gangway needs to be removed seasonally for winterizing, the deck can be constructed with removable panels to facilitate winterizing without heavy lifting equipment.

Kropf Marine is C.W.B certified for aluminum welding to ensure proper procedures are used in the fabrication of these bridge and gangway structures.

Security Gates

Security is important, both to the marina operator and to the boaters themselves. In many situations, limiting access to the docks is essential to providing a secure marina environment where boaters can relax knowing that their valuable investments are protected.

Our aluminum security gates can help provide that secure environment. Gates can be mounted on the main dock itself, on the access ramp, or on shore. Custom designs and patterns are available, and can be based on your marina’s existing logo. Patterns are plasma cut on a CNC table, allowing for a wide variety of intricate and unique designs that are aesthetically appealing while still providing security.

We can customize each gate to accept a variety of locksets – send us your preferred system and we will design the gate to accommodate it.