HDPE Floating Docks

HDPE Floating Docks

In addition to our proven line of steel tube floating dock systems, Kropf Marine is pleased to also offer floating docks utilizing high density polyethylene pipes. These pipes, manufactured by Highland Floats, are the highest quality HDPE float pipe on the market. We have combined these floats with a robust dock frame featuring aluminum cross members, bolted stringers, and double-thick bolted skirt boards. The result is the stiffest, strongest, most stable HDPE pipe floating dock available.

HDPE Pipe Floating Docks

Our HDPE pipe floating docks feature aluminum channel cross-members, so you are not relying on wood framing for the dock's structural integrity. 4" x 4" treated stringers are bolted to the aluminum crossers, as are double-thick 2' x 10" treated skirt boards. This framing ensures a dock that is robust and stiff, providing a more stable platform for you to enjoy. A variety of decking options are available for you to choose from.

Sections are connected together using interlocking piano-style hinges with heavy-duty stainless steel pins. This hinge design provides a strong and silent connection, and prevents the "oblonging" of holes that is common to traditional plate hinge ears.

Highland Floats feature 2" thick mounting tabs which are fully fusion-welded to the float. This means the tab and float become one piece, which creates an extremely strong bond and ensures the mount tabs will not crack or break off.

The end caps are also fully fusion welded into the floats. All fusion-welding is carried out by the manufacturer, one of the largest fabricators of HDPE pipe in the world.

These floats are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, providing you with true peace of mind. For more information on Highland Floats, check out their website.

Our standard floats are 20" diameter, and come in 20', 24, and 30' lengths. You can buy the floats and construct your own dock, or contact us to discuss the options for purchasing a complete dock system.

Highland HDPE pipe floats are UV stabilized, resistant to a wide range of temperatures, and can be subjected to freeze/thaw cycles.