Conolift SP-50 Hydraulic Trailer for Catamarans Demonstrates Versatility

Location – North Charleston, South Carolina

Cooper River Boatyard recently took delivery of a new Conolift SP-50 hydraulic boat trailer. This self-propelled trailer has a capacity of 100,000 lbs, and includes integrated drive and steer capabilities with 180 degree front steering wheels for maximum manoeuvrability. The frame expands in width and raises and lowers hydraulically, with hydraulic arms providing additional vertical lift capacity for deep-keel vessels.

This trailer is also equipped with a removable catamaran bunk. Fully adjustable to a range of widths, the catamaran bunk system features hydraulic lifting air bags to provide a safe and secure system for moving catamarans.

With the removable catamaran bunk system, this hydraulic boat trailer is uniquely suited to handle a wide range of vessel types. This one trailer can safely move catamarans, powerboats, deep keel sailboats, and vessels in cradles. The open frame design and hydraulic frame adjustments allow for self-loading and unloading operations, and a wireless remote control with proportional controls ensures maximum operator visibility to reduce yard damage.

Cooper River Boatyard provides a wide range of vessel repair, maintenance, refit, and storage operations. This new Conolift SP-50 self-propelled hydraulic boat trailer will provide crucial flexibility to their operations, while promoting safety and efficiency. You can learn more about this locally owned and operated facility here.

Conolift offers a full range of hydraulic boat handling equipment with capacities ranging from 3 – 120 tons. Learn more about Conolift trailers and the available models here.

Completion – 2023


Kropf Industrial Inc.
1 Quebec Drive
Seguin, ON P2A 0B2


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